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The Chirohouse is a space of healing, hope, and miracles. We believe that the body is self healing and self regulating when no interference is present. We believe that YOU have the ability to heal yourself when the interference between your brain and body is removed. We are a husband and wife team who offer neurologically based chiropractic care for every walk in life. We love serving families, pregnant mamas, babies and kiddos, everyone!  


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the chirohouse


To provide a space of healing, love, and acceptance for all who walk through our doors.
To educate and empower those on their journey of health and life.

To adjust those in our community and allow their expression of life to truly shine





Monica G.

05  /  2022

If you are looking for a chiropractor I highly recommend Dr. Jo & Dr. Cory at The Chirohouse in Claremore! I have been putting off going to the chiropractor for 3 years now due to not having a great experience with a previous chiropractor when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was so nervous to try a different chiropractor and I am so happy I did! I am on week 2 of being adjusted and I feel like a new person. My daughter (2) had her first adjustment and did so good! Dr. Cory made sure she was comfortable and not scared. He even let her help him adjust the stuffed animal in his office. 
Dr. Cory & Dr. Jo have a very welcoming office. It’s family friendly and they even have the cutest dog that stays in there! We are so glad we found the Chirohouse! They are 100% worth the 40 minute drive for us! 🧡

04  /  2022

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Jo and Dr. Cory, for my family's chiropractic care. I've struggled with migraines since I was a child, but now after having regular adjustments with them, my headaches are few and far between. I also had a curvature in my lower spine, that no other chiropractor had been able to correct, but they were able to alleviate it in 2 months.

They truly take the mind, body and soul approach to wellness, and put their intention into everything that they do. They listen and genuinely care for their patients, no matter their age or condition.

Our family cherishes Dr. Jo and Dr. Cory, for their expertise, knowledge, kindness and compassion, and will be forever grateful for all that they do.

06   /  2022

Dr. Cory is by far the most knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor I’ve ever seen. I’ve had severe knee issues my whole life from a bad knee injury when I was a kid, that over time evolved into nasty back and hip problems.

Dr. Cory not only adjusted the issues, but gave me homework to do from the first appointment to strengthen my knee and back, and allow me to improve the overall functionality of my known weak points. I cannot recommend the Chirohouse highly enough; the care you’ll receive here is truly life changing.

05  /  2022

For the first time in many years I have hope of living an active life without so much debilitating pain. Just after one session I felt so much relief. I can not wait to see this journey continue. I actually am looking forward to getting back in the gym. I am excited about being able to enjoy my grandkids and participate in all their activities. I sincerely cannot thank Dr’s Cory and Jo enough despite me possibly freaking them out with my tears of joy and hope. ♥️♥️

06  /  2022

So glad I tried out The Chirohouse! Their building is beautiful, and they are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They made me feel comfortable, and I also enjoy that they’re family friendly! Their play area and toys help keep my one year old occupied! It’s a big deal for a busy momma to feel comfortable to bring her kids! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

02  /  2022

My first experience was amazing! I was in so much pain and they both took care of me! The way they bring the whole body into the treatment is amazing and such a refreshing change to chiropractic care that I have had in the past. I look forward to my second appointment tomorrow. I am already able to stand straighter today and my pain level has reduced from a 8-9 to a 6, which is so awesome! I am also gong to start taking my 9 year old son to them as well for bedwetting and ADHD tendencies! I also wanted to comment on what an amazing job they did on renovating that old building. It is beautiful, open and bright inside which I appreciate because I have been in enough small, dingy, and dark waiting rooms to last me a lifetime!